Rasmi: Everton Oo Daafac Da’ Yer la Soo Saxiixatey.


kooxda reer England ee Everton ayaa lagu soo waramayaa in ay ku dhawaaqdey saxiisa daafaca kooxda Barnsley ninka lagu magacaabo Mason Holgate. 18 jirkan ayaa kooxdiisan cusubi waxaa uu qalinka ugu duugey heshiis 5 sanadood uu kooxdan kula joogayo waxaana weli aan la ogeyn qiimaha rasmiga ah ee xiddigan lagula kala wareegey. ” Waxaan dooneynaa in […]

Exclusive: U.S. Operates Drones From Secret Bases in Somalia


KSMAYO, Somalia — Some say the Americans are everywhere. Some say they are nowhere. Still others say they are everywhere and nowhere at once. But the shadowy U.S. presence in this strategic port city in war-torn southern Somalia has clear consequences for anyone with a share of power here. That includes Somali regional officials who […]

AU Special Envoy to Somalia condemns attack on AMISOM base

mbassador Maman Sidikou

The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia, and Head of AMISOM, Ambassador Maman Sidikou has condemned the attack on an AMISOM base in the town of Leego, by Al Shabaab militants. Ambassador Sidikou regrets the losses recorded and registers his solidarity with the Government and people of Burundi […]

Somali President opens modern hospital built in Mogadishu by UAE


Mogadishu –President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Hassan Sh. Mohamud has opened modern hospital in which United Arab Emirates implemented in the Somali Capital Mogadishu today on Thursday. A very colorful event was held at inside this hospital in Shangani district in Benadir region, in attendance with Somali Prime Minister, Omar Abdirashid Ali […]

Somali President opens National Army Training Camp built by UAE in Mogadishu


President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Hassan Sh. Mohamud has officially opened National Army Training Camp in Which United Arab Emirates built in Hodan district in Benadir region. A very colorful occasion on the opening of this Army Training Camp was held inside the college, in attendance with deputy Prime Minister and Ministers […]

Malawi, Somalia offer frightened citizens a way back home


Malawi and Somalia are preparing to repatriate their countrymen after weeks of xenophobic violence in KwaZulu-Natal. On Monday night, the Somali embassy said it was trying to trace its citizens and help them escape the violence. It has demanded urgent assistance from the Department of International Relations and Co-operation. The Malawian government said it would […]

Somali Refugees Feel Remittance Pain After Kenya Attack


Dadaab Refugee Complex, Kenya — Hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees are among those hardest hit by Kenya’s closure of remittance firms in the wake of the 2 April shooting of at least 147 university students in Garissa by Al-Shabab militants. Thirteen such firms had their licences revoked on 7 April by the Central Bank […]

AU Special Representative re-affirms AMISOM’s continued support to the Somali National Army on its 55th anniversary


The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia Ambassador Maman Sidikou has described the role of the Somali National Army (SNA) in liberating areas previously held by the terrorist group Al-Shabaab as a critical contribution towards peace and stability in the country. As the Somali National Army marks its […]

Kenya asks UN to repatriate Somali refugees


NAIROBI – Kenya said it has asked the UN refugee agency to repatriate hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees by July in the wake of the Garissa University massacre. “We have asked the UNHCR to relocate the refugees in three months” or “we shall relocate them ourselves”, a government statement quoted Vice President William Ruto […]

The global squeeze on Somalia just got worse, thanks to Kenya


The world’s chokehold on Somalia’s key financial lifeline is getting even tighter. As of February, many banks in the United States have largely stopped servicing the accounts used by money transfer operators to help Somalis in the country send money to their families and networks back in Somalia, often for basic needs such as food, […]

Somali refugees flee Yemen fighting, return to war-torn home


MOGDISHU, Somalia — Somali refugees in Yemen are now coming back to their war-torn home as fighting rages in the Middle East country, officials said Saturday. A boat carrying 260 Somali refugees, many of them women, children and elderly, has become the latest to dock at Somalia’s Bossasso port in the Puntland semi-autonomous region. “About […]



Does the project serve its intended course? From 2009 up to date IOM and UNDP have been running a project entitled QUEST – MIDA which is funded by foreign countries. This project is intended to bring back the Somali Diaspora intellectuals with sound knowledge, expertise and experience to Somalia. The project’s sole aim is to […]

Kenya demands UN camp housing Somali refugees be moved within three months


Kenya has given the United Nations three months to remove a camp housing more than 500,000 Somali refugees as part of a get-tough response to the killing of 148 people by Somali gunmen at a Kenyan university. Kenya has, in the past, accused Islamist militants of hiding out in the Dadaab camp, which it now […]

Somalia puts bounty on al-Shabab leaders

Kenya Al Shabab 10 Things

Somalia’s government has placed a bounty on the top 11 leaders of the militant Islamist al-Shabab group. Top of the list is its chief Ahmed Diriye with $250,000 (£169,000) offered for information leading to his capture. A list of their names, nicknames and origins was issued after a cabinet meeting – and a week after […]

Kenya is stopping remittances of $70 million a month from reaching its Somali community


In its latest move to counter the terror threat engulfing its country, the Kenyan government has banned at least 86 entities and individuals it accuses of financing or supporting terror activities in the country. The list of banned individuals and entities is led by Mohammed Kuno, the man Kenyan government accused of masterminding the deadly […]

Garissa University attack: Kenya tourism declines as holidaymakers cancel trips


Dozens of tourists are cancelling their trips to Kenya following the Garissa University College massacre in which 148 people were killed by Somali terror group al-Shabaab. The militants, who later claimed responsibility for the attack, said that the people were murdered as the university “is on Muslim land colonised by non-Muslims”. The attack shocked the […]

Cedar Cultural Center artist residences bring Somali music, issues to wider audience


The Cedar Cultural Center recently set a challenging goal: get its Somali and non-Somali audiences to mingle. By all accounts, London-based artist Aar Maanta, with his growing mainstream following, might be just the guy to make that happen. Maanta is in town as part of a partnership with Augsburg College to give local millennials a […]

Activist: Obama’s Anti-ISIS, Middle East Strategy ‘Incoherent’


U.S. diplomatic contortions have left it without an apparent strategy for stability in the Middle East, particularly in the war against the Islamic State group, says American activist and author Ayaan Hirsi Ali, herself a former Muslim of Somali descent. “I think our approach today – and I just want to use the most politically […]

Somalia lends support to Saudi-led fight against Houthis in Yemen


Somalia has approved the use of its airspace, territorial waters and land for Saudi-led air strikes against the Houthi rebels in Yemen. According to security sources in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, the president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, gave his consent to the military action during last month’s Arab League summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Abdisalam Hadliye, […]

Somali journalists arrested over Garissa massacre coverage


Somali press freedom advocates lashed out at Somalia government officials on Saturday after news 25 staff members at two radio stations were arrested over their coverage of the Garissa, Kenya, massacre on Thursday. “The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) in Mogadishu “expressed alarm” regarding the media arrests in statement that was issued on Saturday. […]

Kenyan official’s son identified as one of the gunmen at a Garissa university


GARISSA, Kenya — Authorities have identified one of the al-Shababgunmen responsible for the massacre at a Kenyan university last week that killed 148 students as the son of a Kenyan official. A chief in Mandera County had reported his son missing last year, fearing that he had gone to Somalia. His worst fears were confirmed […]

VOA Exclusive: Somali President Says Al-Shabab Must be Confronted


Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud says the Somalia-based al-Shabab militant group is a regional enemy that needs to be confronted. He was speaking exclusively to VOA Somali, three days after al-Shabab gunmen stormed and massacred 148 people at Garissa University in northeastern Kenya. The president expressed horror and sadness at the Garissa attack. He said […]

Al-Shabab’s Deadly Resilience


Last Thursday, a handful of armed men affiliated with al-Shabab entered a dormitory at northeast Kenya’s Garissa University, executing 147 Christian students before government forces soldiers arrived on the scene. The massacre—the country’s worst in 16 years—raised Kenya’s death toll from al-Shabab attacks to over 600 since 2012, prompting renewed concerns that the Somali terrorist […]

Kenya killers tried to flee to Somalia

kenya killers

Nairobi – Five suspects have been arrested in connection with the killing of 147 people at a Kenyan university campus by the Somali Islamist group al-Shabaab, a Kenyan Interior Ministry spokesperson said on Saturday. One of the gunmen was detained while fleeing the scene during the attack, the ministry confirmed earlier. Four others have been […]

White House officials defend Somalia strategy as counterterrorism model


President Obama has cited the battle against al-Shabab militants in Somalia as a model of success for his relatively low-investment, light-footprint approach to counterterrorism. By some measures, it has paid dividends. U.S. drones have killed several of the Islamist group’s leaders, including two top planners in just the past month, a senior administration official said […]

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